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Wanted: Virtual Community Members


Look for us on Facebook, our page is Cindasareyousustainable

Have you ever wished that the like-minded of the world could all go and build a treehouse community in the woods somewhere and hang out, build an old-fashioned community where everyone pitches in, takes care of each other, learns, teaches, and grows as a People? Yeah, me too.

So, let’s do that as a Virtual Community on Facebook! As I’m getting a little more settled into my blog, I can share more the life of a blogger: 90% gathering ideas, photos, recipes, etc. for future blogs, 1% checking online for comments/posts to accept and the slews of ones that are obvious spam and should be deleted, 1% actually working on posting new material, and 8% checking on the dog, who barks incessantly.

I am fairly computer literate. I have used a blog before (, which was also WordPress based. I am a Mac user. I am an iPhone user. I am also happily accepting advice, technical support and ideas from those who are better versed at this end of technology. Although I have done all the work for two websites previously, blogging is completely new to me. I’m going to need some help there!

Aaah, asking for help. That is both the best and sometimes most frustrating part of any sustainability effort. Some of us are stubborn. It’s hard to admit that we don’t know it all. Sure, I can make corn meal from dried corn and make it into bread or other food. Yes, I can milk a cow and make yogurt, cheese and butter. I can grow a SCOBY on my kitchen counter along with the best….but technology sometimes kicks my butt.

Another important note: I love to share information. I love to share what I’m doing at the farm. My goal is to share what I am doing, when or just after we are working on a project or specific farm/sustainability concept. However….reality is this. I am a busy person. I’m NOT complaining about that! My priorities: Taking care of MYSELF so that I can continue my work, taking care of my SPOUSE, FAMILY and FARM so that we can propagate the blessings we have, improving time efficiency so that we can do more for ourselves, THEN sharing blogs. Sometimes, I may have different ideas of what to post, when and why. Maybe you aren’t seeing what you want or expect….please, let me know! Connect with the blog on Facebook! Again, you can find us at

If you don’t use Facebook, but use another social media, let me know where to branch out. You can also comment on my blog! I love it, nice to know that a real someone is reading this.

A little intro…welcome to my blogging madness!


Continuing on my blog found at, I now offer this domain and blog. I will focus on topics as we are doing things on our homestead, including but not limited to: general self-sustainability, frugal organic shopping, recipes, making things from scratch, growing your own food, beekeeping, aquaponic gardening, homeschooling, sewing, building a log cabin, milking a cow, keeping goats, doing chores as a family, making your own dog food, Livestock Guardian Dogs, breeding crickets, composting, vermicomposting, solar power, growing your own biodiesel, self defense, hunting, trapping, prepping for any situation life may throw at you, cooking meals with 5 ingredients or less, sourdough bread making, raising your own pastured pork, etc. Another HUGE factor in what gets posted….what my readers are interested in!

As long as I can,  I will always try to answer comments, emails, questions, and feedback. Please be patient and remember that sometimes life on the homestead tends to be hectic. Some days I get to blog and answer emails, others I’m busy drying apples or making raw dog food.