Aquaponics for Everyone!

Let’s start basic! Aquaponic gardening involves the symbionic growing of fish and plants in a system in which the fish waste is used to fertilize the plants you are growing, and the media that the plants are growing in acts as a large filtration system to keep your fish happy and healthy. It is both good for the fish, and provides an ideal growing environment for plants. You can enjoy a continuous growing season, there is no weeding involved, and you can plant much more densely than in dirt gardens. The flavor of aquaponically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables is wonderful and plants that get more nutrients provide you with better nutrition.

*pause while you check up on my facts*

“But crazy lady, those systems cost thousands of dollars! I can’t afford that!”

Yes, some of them do. There are also tiny systems available at around $100 that may grow a few things, but not do a lot for you as far as putting groceries on the table.

Our goal is to offer an in-between system, small enough that anyone might have room for it, that CAN put groceries on your table (both fish to eat and veggies, herbs or salad greens), so you can eat fresh and save money on the food budget.

“But, I’m a vegetarian / vegan.”

In such case, I would recommend using koi in the system as they are a pretty fish to watch swimming around in your tank. (There is also a market for koi, they could be raised to stock lovely garden ponds for fanciers!) We assist you in selecting and obtaining fish for your system.

“But I don’t know how to…..”

We will share our love of aquaponics and helping our customers to walk you through every step possible. We will provide as thorough information as possible as an e-book, online FAQ, and individualized help/support for anything else.