About Me

I am a self-sustainable lifestylist. This is what I “do for a living”. I have no traditional 9-5 type job. Our family provides for itself, as much as possible, and is always striving to do more and more for itself. We are farmers. Sometimes we have surplus to share or sell. I would much rather see a product used than sitting around going to waste. I hate waste, by the way. It’s so wasteful! Another goal of our farm is to reduce our waste by repurposing and/or recycling. We try to buy in ways that brings less packaging, bags, and trash into our home. We try to reuse what does come home with us.

A random list of things we support: Aquaponics farming (growing vegetables and fish in a symbionic system, fun and easy on ANY budget), growing and producing biodeisel, beekeeping, geothermal (a new plan us…exciting!), home dairy and The Family Milk Cow, fresh raw milk, homemade raw dog food, raising our own meat (beef, pork, poultry, fish, rabbits, gamebirds, goats, sheep), vermicomposting with Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) and Redworms; hunting, fishing and trapping responsibly and ethically; managing land for wildlife, home butchering and meat processing in a hygienic and ethical manner, homeschooling, homeschooling special needs kids, supporting our Veterans, Livestock Guardian Dogs, working farm dogs, herding dogs, dirt gardening, thrifty marketing; ditching disposables like paper towels, napkins and toilet paper, home birth options, midwifing (is that a verb?), and breastfeeding…..you get the idea.

That said, I appreciate those with different lifestyle choices than I do. I raise meat animals for meat. Please respect that, as I respect you and your reasons for your own choices. Same goes with religion. I love religious people who practice and follow their religion….religiously! When that differs from my own, that is okay, too. I respect your right to feel and do the way you do, and I value you for who you are anyway. All I ask is that you approach me with the same respect.

Respect. I’m really about respect. Let’s do that! Enough reading. Go plant a tree or something! Bonus points if you can eat some part of it later.